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The Espace Mont-Blanc is an initiative of transboundary cooperation, founded in 1991 under the aegis of the Conférence Transfrontalière Mont Blanc (Mont Blanc Transboundary Conference), bringing together France, Italy, and Switzerland for the protection and enhancement of the Mont Blanc territory straddling Savoie, Haute Savoie, the Aosta Valley, and Valais.

Its principal task is to bring an active enhancement policy to bear on the mountain, combining the protection of natural environments and landscapes with the promotion of socioeconomic activities within the context of sustainable development.

Over the years, the Espace Mont-Blanc has instituted numerous concrete actions, studies, and initiatives that have allowed us to “test out” on the land the application of common policies for the management of natural and cultural heritage. In addition, this undertaking has permitted us to establish a common working method, a permanent network of border relations, and a monitoring framework.

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Pays du Mont-Blanc
Vallée de Chamonix
Région Autonome Vallée d'Aoste
Canton du Valais
Conseil Savoie Mont Blanc
République Française
Union Européenne
Repubblica Italiana
Confédération Suisse