Espace Mont-Blanc: timeline

The celebration of the bicentennial of the first ascension of Mont Blanc marked the start of a collective realisation that gave birth to the Espace Mont-Blanc in 1991. After ten years of study to lay a framework, the projects entered into their realisation phase and materialised with the drafting, in 2006, of the Sustainable Development Schema. Between 2007 and 2013, the Plan Intégré Transfrontalier (Transboundary Integrated Plan, or PIT), financed by the European programmes for France-Italy cooperation (ALCOTRA), permitted the realisation of concrete actions. Today, after an enormous collaborative process, the Espace Mont-Blanc launches the priority actions issued by its Stratégie d'Avenir Pour le Mont Blanc (“Strategy for the Future of Mont Blanc”).

Pays du Mont-Blanc
Vallée de Chamonix
Région Autonome Vallée d'Aoste
Canton du Valais
Conseil Savoie Mont Blanc
République Française
Union Européenne
Repubblica Italiana
Confédération Suisse